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BELONG - Autographed Photo Album + Autographed Vinyl + Digital Album + T-shirt + Poster (Pre-order)

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This is a pre-order and expected to ship on or around the release date, April 7, 2017. 

You will receive an full digital download of BELONG upon purchase. 

Includes 8X8" hardcover photo album of never-before-seen photos taken by the band and a 16x19" unsigned silkscreen poster.

Digital downloads are only available for US customers. 

Track list:

  1. Open
  2. Bride
  3. Oceanica
  4. August
  5. Better Company
  6. No Promises
  7. Belong
  8. Bones
  9. Dead
  10. Perfume
  11. Cairo
  12. Palisades Storm
  13. Happiness Will Ruin This Place